The Alikreukel Trail runs along a beautiful stretch of coast with wild rocky shores, lonely beaches, fynbos-covered coastal dunes, caves, amazing sea life and intriguing cultural heritage. As a variation to the hiking theme, there is also a paddle on the breathtaking Goukou River.

Besides the standard four-day hike, we also offer a three-day and two-day option on certain dates. Please see details under “Rates & Dates”.

The 3-day option offers you either day one or day two, as well as day three and four, as described below. The 2-day option is over a weekend and offers you day one or two, and day three.

Authentic experiences during the hike:

• Listen to an archaeologist  about the excavations in the Blombos Cave

• Learn more about inter-tidal sea life and fascinating facts about the octopus – and you might see one in  its’ natural environment

• See what the semi-petrified sand dunes, formed during the last ice age, reveals about local conditions back then

• Taste a variety of olive products and become olive-wise on an olive farm

• Learn about the importance of the Alikreukel (giant periwinkle) during early inhabitation

• Taste the alikreukel shellfish in a starter to one of your meals

Alikreukel Trail Day 1


DAY 1: “Once upon a cave”, Distance: 13,5 km; Grading: average to difficult, with a lot of loose sand and some rough, rocky terrain in

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Alikreukel Trail Day 2


DAY 2: “Whales and walls”, Distance: 12 km; Grading: easy to average. Hike from Jongensfontein to Stilbaai, past scenic places like Jongensgat arch, Noordkapper Point,

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Alikreukel Trail Day 3


DAY 3: “Up the River”, Distance: 5 km walking & 4 km paddling in a kayak: Grading: easy walking; average paddling. Walk to the Stilbaai

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Alikreukel Trail Day 4


DAY 4: “The sands of time”, Distance: 12 (or 16 km if you have time); Grading: Relatively easy walking. Hike on the eastern side of

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What to take along?

You need a day pack to carry your food and drinks for the day, as well as other essential items like a windbreaker, rain jacket, sun hat, sunblock, personal medication and a water container. A lunch pack with snacks and fruit juice will be supplied.  Please see a complete list of necessaries under “What should I take along”.