You need a day pack to carry your food and drinks for the day, as well as other essential items like a windbreaker, rain jacket, sun hat, sunblock, personal medication and a water container.  We will supply a lunch pack, snacks and fruit juice, as well as purified water.

We recommend the following items for the trip:

  • Good, comfortable hiking/trail running shoes, and old tekkies/aqua shoes (for the kayaking)
  • Good hiking socks
  • Good rain jacket
  • Swimming costume and towel
  • Snorkel and goggles (if you like snorkeling)
  • Walking stick (if you prefer it).  It is recommended for the first day
  • Binoculars for keen birders
  • Sun hat, sunblock and sunglasses
  • Camera/cell phone
  • Toilet paper for along the trail (no toilets)
  • Warm, comfortable clothing and shoes for the evenings
  • Personal items like toiletries (and a hair drier if needed)
  • Personal medication
  • Water container(s). Purified water will be available at your overnight places

Note:  All your kit needs to fit inside a 110 litre portage box (60 x 40 x 40 cm)