Your Guides Along The Trail

We have experienced guides that will accompany you along the trail.  Besides the two regular guides, we also have a back-up guide, for when things should go wrong.

Derek Odendaal

He is a very experience hiker and backpacking leader, with an exceptional safety record.  He has been hiking all over South Africa for more than 45 years.  He loves the outdoors and South Africa’s wonderful mountains and coast.  He is very passionate about hiking and to share the wonders of nature with other hikers.   He is a qualified mountain walking guide and a registered tourist guide. 

Derek Odendaal - Owner of the Alikreukel Trail and main guide

Clifton Donald

He is also an experienced backpacker with more than 45 years of hiking experience.  He is the assistant hiking guide, loves the outdoors and is also an active runner, cyclist and a very experienced canoeist.  The latter is probably his favourite activity and he acts as guide along the kayak section of the trail.  He also supplies logistical support during each hike.