A wonderful new coastal slackpacking trail in the Blombos, Stilbaai and Jongensfontein area of the Southern Cape coast

Be fascinated by the mysteries of the past, while experiencing the delights of the present


The Alikreukel Trail offers you guided slackpacking of three day’s hiking along the coast and half a day of easy kayaking on the Goukou River at Stilbaai


This stretch of coast is one of the least developed in South Africa, with great variety and beauty.  Be part of the following experiences along this trail:

  • Hike past the now famous Blombos Cave, where people lived and developed more than 70 000 years ago

  • Learn about how these people lived and that they are actually our ancestors

  • Get fascinating information and involved experiences on natural and cultural features along the way

  • Walk through a variety of fynbos, coastal vegetation, rock formations and a melkhout tree forest

  • See whales near the coast in season

  • Visit the impressive stone fish traps that the Khoikhoi people built more than 2000 years ago

  • View the museum exhibition about the Blombos cave and see actual artefacts excavated in the cave

  • Paddle a kayak along the scenic Goukou River and visit an olive farm

  • Sleep in very comfortable accommodation, with all meals supplied

  • Local transport and transfer of kit supplied

►  You are invited to come and walk along this lovely stretch of coast and enjoy its’ scenic beauty and cultural heritage




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