DAY 4: “The sands of time”, Distance: 12 (or 16 km if you have time); Grading: Relatively easy walking. Hike on the eastern side of Stilbaai from the Preekstoel towards Geelkrans (and further to Rooikrans, if desired).
This is a beach walk with fascinating scenery, totally different from the first two days. It is a there-and-back walk.


  • Semi-petrified dunes, eroded into cliffs with fascinating textures and shapes
  • Aeolianite formations dating from the last ice-age, with explanations of its’ origin
  • Interesting eroded stones and pebbles that you will like to take home
  • A unique shell midden left by the early inhabitants
  • A really wild and pristine stretch of coast – you will love this walk