Jagersbosch Homestead

Jagersbosch Community Care Centre

The Alikreukel Trail showcases the beauty, variety and historic significance of the area around Stilbaai, Jongensfontein and Blombos.  All the income that is generated through the trail, goes to people and businesses in the Stilbaai and Jongensfontein area – service providers offering catering and food, transport, accommodation, guiding, logistical support, renting of the kayaks and even the museum.

But we also want to help people in need around Stilbaai.  That is why we donate a portion of our income from every hiking trip to the Jagersbosch Community Care Centre in Stilbaai.  This centre offer many services to more than 1000 people in the Stilbaai, Melkhoutfontein (township) and Jongensfontein area towards the enhancement of their quality of life.  We gladly assist them because we are thankful for what we have.

Jagersbosh Stilbaai - Alikreukel Trail